About Polytech Media

A company created by digital artist Gary Robert Blue spans 30 years in its creative incarnation. Born of the corporate meeting industry, the company gained popularity with the first template package for PowerPoint, PowerBacks, for Microsoft Office in 1993. In addition to templates, the CD collection also offered speciality graphics as a way to stimulate audiences for professional presenters. In 2000, the 4 CD collection was featured in a pullout section of presentation resources in PC World Magazine which really sparked interest in the product. Gary at this point turned the collection into a free downloadable online library monetized with Google Ads. In the next decade, PowerBacks became a global phenomenon reaching over 50 million worldwide downloads and was mostly popular in the US, UK, EU, China and India until the housing crash in 2008.

In 2013 PresentSation was created (Son of PowerBacks) and the full evolution to illustrative graphics for presentations was implemented. The template market for presentations was saturated by many more generalists by this time, that sector of creation had reached a zenith state. The speciality graphics illustrations was always the primary target, the template side just empowered it. The initial PresentSation collection lasted until the Pandemic and then was abandoned.

In 2023, Gary feels that it is time for a new collection based on the changing social and artistic motifs in the world. He has created a new offering of PresentSation focused on the now and the near future. This fresh crop of free 4K images promises to be the most unique and exhilarating library. It primarily focuses on AI generated illustration based on Gary's decades of 3D illustration ability and looks to expand his style into a wider spectrum presentation graphics including Google Slides.

Hello, I'm Gary Robert Blue

I grew up in New Jersey and worked in my fathers bookstore in Manhattan from age 12. I aspired to be a musician after high school but found that I was a better lighting and audio technician. I worked with several club bands in the metro music circuit. I then went to college and earn a bachelors in communications and a second in physics. After I graduated I landed a job in a regional theater and did some large concert work with the New Jersey local at the Meadowlands.

In 1990 I moved to Phoenix, AZ and got into corporate meetings. I spent the next 30+ years facilitating ballroom shows for major clients mostly in the pharmaceutical industry as an AV technician and graphics engineer.

gary robert blue