Free 4K Medical Presentation Illustrations

woman intern medical doctor

intern medical doctor

Doctors have to intern after medical school to practice more extensively what they have learned.

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puzzle in the shape of a brain

brain mind puzzle

The brain is a puzzling organ. We still don't comprehend on how all of its parts fit together.

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medical technician monitoring computer screens

brain scan imaging

A technician monitors brain activity on several monitors looking for anomalies in its functions.

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dentist examining a womans teeth

dentist teeth exam

It pay to have a dental examination and cleaning on a yearly basis, even with perfect teeth.

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medical caduceus logo

medical caduceus logo

The caduceus medical logo, an iconic symbol from the old world, it has may stylistic iterations.

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three medical hospital nurses, man and two women

medical hospital nurses

Nurses are the heartbeat of the hospital. They are the glue that holds the medical machine together.

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doctor looks through a medical operating microscope

medical operating microscope

Special microscopes provide crucial visibility for surgeons operating on diverse parts of the body.

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technician prepares a woman for a medical scan device

medical scan device

Medical scanners can detect anomalies in many parts of the body, so doctors can take action.

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beautiful female pharmcist dispenses her medications

pharmacist pills medication

A young pharmacist with her liquid solutions and pills is ready to dispense her drugs to treat people.

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three surgeons ready to operate

three surgeons operate

Three surgeons have teamed up to make your operation a success, with their combined talent.

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vaccine injection syringe and vials

vaccine injection syringe

As we saw with the pandemic, vaccines can save lives. The future promises great drug advances.

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veterinarian examines a dog

veterinarian examining dog

The veterinarian examines a dog. He makes notes on the dogs behavior and medical health.

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