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Download free designer 3D slides from our 2018 image collection.

Designed by Gary Robert Blue

I have designed professional PowerPoint presentation slide shows for over 20 years in the business, medical and defense industries. Currently our team is building images for the 2018 presentation collection for PowerPoint 2018 Mac and Windows. The emphasis is to facilitate improving your present slide decks or incorporate our thought provoking PowerPoint slides into a new style slideshow. The 3D images, presentation artwork, is designed to excite your audiences and make your pitches memorable. Using Poser 3D software and Adobe Photoshop we craft a unique look that is unmatched in the presentation industry. Whether you are a presenting professional at a association conference or at an annual convention, our meeting graphics will make any PowerPoint Presentation stand out in 2018! Office 2018 PowerPoint has created an even more powerful vehicle to illustrate your message and talking points. With a great deal of presentations being distributed online our PowerPoint 2018 collection makes a lasting impression on your viewers minds. Images designed exclusively in widescreen 16:9 format they fit well with most PowerPoint themes. Stop back periodically, we ad new images every month based on current news and social trends in the global arena. Most of the new images being created will fall into the business and technology categories. Based on the PowerPoint presentation slides you see here. Please feel free to contact me with any new suggestions for future additions to the 2018 collection.