Business PowerPoint Slides

Wall Street, Global Markets, Housing Crash, Bull & Bear, Obama Hell

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Education PowerPoint Slides

Great Ideas, Continuing Education, Apple for Teacher, Book Report

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Free wide business, science & corporate Power Point art created in 3D for presentations in 16:9 format for PPT or widescreen PowerPoint. Use with: Templates, Slides, Backgrounds, Images, Transitions & Animations in PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2014 & PowerPoint 2015. Made for widescreen business Power Point Presentations, for use with Microsoft Office and formats of Apple Keynote & Prezi.

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Science PowerPoint Slides

Human Cloning, Solar Energy, Medical Research, Obamacre, Robotics

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Social PowerPoint Slides

Online Trading, Dating, Jesus on Water, Buddha, Holidays, Golf, Soccer

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