PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint Presentation 2019

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Designed by Gary Robert Blue

I have been a designer of PowerPoint templates and themes for over 20 years. Most of my work is in the Pharma/Medical and Aerospace industries with a strong base in the technology sector. I have also been an audiovisual presentation support person in the corporate meetings industry during this time. With the advent of social media, conventions and conferences took on a new aspect trending towards cloud computing. Coworking, teamwork and business collaboration have surged to the forefront with such companies as Wework, Salesforce and Slack leading the way. Developments in business intelligence, information technology and data analytics are trends that greatly inspire the use of PowerPoint in 2019. Cloud computing is also expanding the online arena of PowerPoint interactions with Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Accenture. Microsoft Office 365 with PowerPoint 365 has become a major influence in today's workplace. Enhanced online learning has boosted the market share of presentation graphics with developers like Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Articulate and Certstaffix trending at the forefront. Online presentation sharing has also increased the use of PowerPoint this year - endeavors such as Slideshare, Slideserve and Scribd are some players that come to mind. Many PowerPoint presentation designers are now getting certified by companies like Certiport, Onlc and Certstaff. Threre also many other great presentation tools such as Prezi, Powtoon and Apple Keynote. If you would like to know more about me and my presentation work, please visit GaryRobertBlue.com.