What is the future? No one really knows for sure. A mystery, an enigma, an evolving conundrum that is comprised of social cacophonies. He who controls the Past, controls the Future. Surely this is a statement of innate demagoguery worth considering, by Orwell. History always repeats, yes, in a sort of feel and nuance way it does. The tides of the decades flow in and out and in succession but not always in the same order. Sometimes the sixties hop over the seventies and a myriad of other configuration variations but the root components are always present. Between the Great Recession and the Global Pandemic I say we just passed the mental strife of a World War. The Procession of the Decades is roughly a 50 to 70 year package that forever repeats through time. Conflict, victory and celebration, expansion, awareness and self realization, progress and evolution.

We are in phase two, victory and celebration. Except the victory is bittersweet and not everybody is celebrating. We mortgaged our butts out of the Pandemic in a very destructive way with the unbridled distribution of vast amounts of money. The problem is that people who had money and didn't need it, acquired money. Here in is a consummate recipe for social disaster, with deep ramifications culminating in the perversion of the economic longterm picture. Thrusting a 3 social class system to morph into a 5 class breakdown. The upper middle, center middle and lower middle classes have always been there but now the silos are becoming extremely stark. New American retro muscle cars with the normalization of $5 gas, makes one wonder.

Well, I guess it is back to the future. (couldn't resist) Futurism was a social art trend about a century ago. It was very positive and forward thinking for it's time but with one drawback. The future wasn't here yet but now it totally is here. How does one imagine the future? An artist has to conjure with a blank canvas but where to start. I thought if you would take some influential creators. One each the from 1930s, 1950s and 1970s you could create a hybrid style that could bend towards exemplifying the future. I wouldn't divulge the three famous artist names because that would be showing my cards. The trick was to find a group that would work together as a team and I went through hundreds of combinations to find the perfect trifecta.

Retrofuturism in itself is kind of clumsy and a bit too much fantasy. I wanted something that could bridge the gap between now and near tomorrow. A look built on a technology feel with an elegant dystopian edge. Not anything as crass and overstated as steampunk but more slick and otherworldly. The Futuradec style was born, out of the ashes the Phoenix Bird rises and points its flaming beak towards the future. Imagery that can be used now, and in the near future as a harbinger of things that are now and what they will become. Feel free to use them in your keynote talks and presentations.