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Designed by Gary Robert Blue

I have designed professional presentation shows for over 20 years. This endeavor has been primarily in the corporate meeting area. This years agenda is building new slides for the 2019 collection. The emphasis is to facilitate improving your present pitch decks or incorporate our thought provoking technology slides into a new business format. The presentation artwork, is designed to excite your audiences and make your presentation memorable. We craft a unique look, better than the market, that is unmatched in the presentation industry. Whether you are a presenting professional at a conference or at an annual convention, our professional designs will make any business presenter stand out in 2019! With a great deal of information being distributed online for training, selections from our 2019 online collection makes a lasting impression on your viewers minds. Stop back periodically, we ad presentation images based on the current news and social trends in the global arena. Most of the new images being created will be in the information and analytics categories, the style based on the technology data slides you see here. Please feel free to contact me with any new suggestions for future additions to the 2019 collection for mac or windows.
the bitlip

The Bitlip

The current craze of cryptocurrency is all the rage. A way to work around the system and its checks and balances. The last time there was this kind of trading frenzy it involved tulips and lots of speculation. I don't think banks and governments will let it go on much longer.
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